let us help. Creating brands for the fellow castle-builder that have purpose, get noticed, and tell a STORY is what we breath. Providing thoughtful design, expertise and execution to the faded and outdated allowing brands to stand out, compete and be where they desire to be.


Our goal, our passion and our objective is to make you look spectacular.

Branding can be confusing for some, over-rated to others but is necessary for all, and it just so happens to be our specialty. When we think branding, we focus on the foundation and move onward and upward. Through exploration, research, development, and execution, we will guide you through the process, listen to your story, and visually represent your promise. It’s what we love, and it’s where we excel.

My go-to person! She breathes life into every project. I’m always in awe by her range of abilities.
— Anne Re, Art director, Quarto publishing Group USA




Jacobson Creative is a branding studio in minneapolis, led by founder Tanya Jacobson. . Tanya has been establishing concise and meaningful creative for nearly a decade. Through conceptual understanding of brand evolution, expansion and opportunity, Jacobson Cr builds brands that not only have personality, but have purpose and meaning.

Tanya is currently the Senior Designer at Sussner Design Company, where she collaborates, explores and applies her expertise in all aspects of design focusing on foundational branding based on client’s business objectives.




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