Onyx, onyx.

The beer of shadows. Charc’ale is a small brewing company that was in need of a creative overhaul to help their dark beer stand tall, 24oz tall. With their newest additions, Onyx Onyx, Slate Gray & Hold Drear, all different levels of darkness, the labels and packaging needed to easily portray the liquid silver that was inside each bottle.

With the countless number of craft beers available, Charc’ale needed to stand out and hold it’s own with the bigger boys. We embraced the darkness and gave the brand it’s own niche it could hang it’s hat on. A brand that reached the younger crowd but with a medieval spin.

The name, the beer, the bottles. Charc’ale is a special beer for special customers. Not everybody likes dark craft beer, but for the people that do, are proud. So we helped them proud harder.

Beer Bottle Mockup-TN-4.jpg

“Both depressing & delicious.”